The baskets we create are inspired by our own experience of finding solace and hope in the woods; the joy a simple walk with a basket-in-hand can bring. Growing up surrounded by the natural beauty of the forest has given us a love and appreciation of the healing properties of nature, and particularly of woodland.  It is from this place of deep appreciation that we create our basketry work; in honour of the natural material of willow and wood.

The name Hopewood reflects the sense of hope that the woods give us. At the summit of our local ancient woodland is an Iron Age earthworks, which has provided us with a deeper connection to local history and those people from the past who also found peace, inspiration and hope in the woods.

This place of natural beauty, featured in many of our photographs, has inspired the names of our baskets, which come from Old English words related to the woods, the materials and the process of weaving.


hopewood team

Our weaving and woodwork studios are based at our home in the beautiful Wyre Forest district of Worcestershire, where we were both born and raised, and continue to find inspiration, and of course, hope.


Sarah, the willow weaver at Hopewood baskets

"Working humbly and respectfully with natural materials is a huge aspect of my work, and one that I find great joy in. I find my own piece of calm within the natural rhythm of this ancient craft.

I enjoy combining my love of colour with my love of natural materials. I make functional baskets with a modern twist, that can make everyday tasks and activities a little bit more beautiful, inviting and colourful!" 

photographer & woodworker

Marcus, the woodworker and photographer

at Hopewood Baskets

"I create the hand-carved handles for the baskets as well as taking the photos (although a little too shy to step in front of the camera myself!)

Wood branches such as hazel, beech and sycamore, are used for the handles of our baskets, sourced locally and hand finished with my whittling knife, making every basket unique. Fresh pieces of greenwood from recently felled trees are also used for handles, which are finished using only hand tools. The process begins by splitting and shaping the wood using an axe, then ‘shaving’ pieces of wood off using a draw knife and shave-horse. They are then hand-finished with a knife, drilled ready for the willow to be attached and treated with finishing oil."


materials and method

Learn more about how we transform willow withies into practical and contemporary  baskets