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 Course Outline


Session 1 - Round Bases

In the first session you will learn how to make round bases and I will teach you about how to sort, soak and mellow willow. The bases will be used for future baskets on the course, and you will be able to buy more materials to practise with at home.


Session 2- Berry Basket

In this session you will learn how to add uprights to a round base and learn a weaving technique called a 3 Rod Wale, which will create the sides of the basket. You will then learn a simple trac border. A handle will then be added (or in the next session)


Session 3 - Handled bowl/tray

In the third session you will practise skills from session 2 and develop them further, learning a new weaving technique for the sides. You will learn a how to add inset handles and a new technique for weaving the border (some of this work may need finishing at home or in session 4)


Session 4 - Your choice

This session is open for you to choose what you would like to use the time for. You may wish to practise a skill, or to begin a larger basket that you could finish at home. As each student will be working on different projects, materials for this final session will charged additionally at the end of the session.

Bewdley Museum, Worcestershire
10.30am - 2.30/3pm  -   Saturday 
21st May, 25th June, 23rd July and 20th August
£240 per person